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World April 16, 2018 05:48

new york - The former FBI director James Comey said in the long-awaited interview with the American channel ABC that Trump is morally inadequate to be president of the United States.

'Trump is an intelligent man and also medically capable of being president. I only think that he is morally inadequate to be president, 'says Comey,' someone who treats women as a piece of meat and who is constantly lying about everything, but wants the people to believe him, can not be president. '

Comey also says that Trump does not adhere to the most important values ​​of the US. 'The president must show respect and live according to the core values ​​of this country. Mainly the truth. He does not do that. '

The moment the Russian interference in the US presidential election in 2016 is first told to Trump was confusing, according to Comey. 'His first question was whether it had affected the outcome. The FBI had not investigated this. To my surprise, the conversation immediately followed the PR and how this story had to be brought. 'Comey was especially surprised about what was not asked.' An opponent had attacked our country, but nobody asked about the impact or any subsequent steps of the Russians and how we could stop this. '

The FBI director was dismissed by Trump in May last year. The resignation led to the appointment of special researcher Robert Mueller, who investigates the interference of Russia.

Comey tells in the coming week book A Higher Loyalty how the president demanded loyalty from him during a dinner.

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