Tusk remains positive despite the hard language May

Tusk remains positive despite the hard language May

World September 21, 2018 19:16

brussels - EU President Donald Tusk remains convinced that an agreement with the United Kingdom on brexit is possible, although the British Prime Minister Theresa May spoke of a stalemate on Friday. But it is up to the United Kingdom to come up with better proposals on the Irish border issue and future trade relations between the EU and the United Kingdom, according to Tusk Friday in a statement.

May said precisely that it is the EU that has to make new concessions for its so-called Checkers plan, which she called 'the only way forward'. She thinks that the UK deserves more respect from the EU, and said that future good relations depend on it.

Tusk expressed his surprise at the 'hard and uncompromising stance' of May during and after the EU summit in Salzburg on Thursday. 'I am convinced that a compromise, which is good for all, is possible. And I say that as a good friend of the UK and as a true admirer of Prime Minister May. 'The other 27 European leaders drew one line on Thursday against May.

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