Trump wants to keep Syrian refugees

Trump wants to keep Syrian refugees

World September 4, 2016 18:45

- If Donald Trump wins the elections, Syrian refugees do not have to beat them in the United States. Trump as president would suspend the collection program for Syrians, his Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence said in an interview with NBC News.

By capturing Syrians,, the safety of the American people is subordinated to the agenda of the United Nations or the liberals in this country, '' said Pence. According to the Republican is not sufficiently consider the background of the refugees:,, Our own FBI says we can not know for sure who these people are. ''

Trump, according to its vice president candidate in favor of increased cooperation with Arab countries to create safe zones,, '' for war refugees. The real estate mogul announced in late August to want to freeze all the migration from Libya and Syria to the US.
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