Trump wants conservative Gorsuch in Supreme Court

World February 1, 2017 05:42

washington - President Donald Trump on Tuesday Neil Gorsuch nominated for the vacant judge post at the US Supreme Court. The appointment is subject to approval by the US Senate.

The court has since the death of Judge Antonin Scalia February last year but eight members. The predecessor of Trump, President Barack Obama, earlier made an unsuccessful attempt to get its own candidate in the influential post.

The relatively young 49-year-old Gorsuch is popular in conservative and conservative Christian circles. He is to the delight of Trump and many right-wing Americans also a lawyer who opposes federal bureaucracy.

Gorsuch is currently working as a federal judge for the Court of Appeals in Denver. He is the youngest candidate for a place in the Supreme Court since 1991, when the 43-year-old Clarence Thomas was appointed by former President George H. W. Bush.

Democratic senators are expected not without a fight agreed to the appointment of Gorsuch, which would be appointed for life. He could therefore exert influence for a long time in the court, which often decides on sensitive issues such as abortion and the death penalty.

Democrats are still furious that Republicans refused last year to hear the candidate chief justice nominated by Obama. They blocked hearings because they felt that the appointment was a matter for the successor of the former president.

However, it is highly questionable whether the opposition can block the appointment of Gorsuch. Republicans in the Senate have 52 of the hundred seats in hands.

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