Trump still doubts about 'capital' Jerusalem

World December 3, 2017 19:36

washington - The American president Donald Trump is not yet sure whether he will officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That is what his adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner said on Sunday. Insiders expect Trump to come up with a statement on Wednesday.

'He still looks at a series of different facts. And when he makes a decision, he is the one who wants to tell it, not me, 'said Kushner at a Brookings Institute conference on US policy on the Middle East.

Jerusalem is a tricky subject in the region. The Palestinians consider the eastern part of Jerusalem, occupied by Israel since 1967, as their capital. President Mahmoud Abbas warned that if the US chooses the side of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu peace is further away than ever. The Jordanian King Abdullah II and other Arab leaders think the same way.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump wants to postpone the move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for the time being.

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