Trump spreads false myth to Barcelona

Trump spreads false myth to Barcelona

World August 18, 2017 07:12

amsterdam - US President Donald Trump has taken the attacks in Barcelona to revitalize an old and untrue myth.

'Study what the American General Pershing did with captive terrorists. In the 35 years there was no radical Muslim terrorism anymore! 'Trump held his 36.1 million followers on Twitter.

In doing so, he referred to the rumor that Pershing ordered the bullets used to execute 49 Islamic terrorists on the Philippines during a war in the nineteenth century were first baptized in pig blood.

Pork blood is unclean, according to Islam, to die unclean from fear, the militant terrorists resisted their opposition, so is the myth.

But historians have long shown that the pig blood story is a fame. The assertion that the Philippines did not suffer from Muslim terrorism in the next 35 years is not right at all.

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