Trump sells advertising during State of the Union

Trump sells advertising during State of the Union

World January 30, 2018 13:39

washington - Donald Trump will be holding his first State of the Union next night, say the American version of the Dutch throne speech. The American president seizes this opportunity to raise money for his re-election campaign.

The names of those who transfer money to Trump's campaign card will be shown during the live broadcast of the State of the Union, which is provided by the campaign team. It is not about the official broadcast. As is customary, C-SPAN is responsible for this.

A spot on the so-called ticker tape can be bought for as little as 35 dollars. The maximum amount that Trump donors are allowed to transfer is $ 2700.

It is not uncommon for a sitting president to begin his polling campaign far before the ballot box. Barack Obama, for example, kicked off his re-election campaign in early 2011, while the elections were only in November 2012. Trump, however, was even earlier: a few days after his inauguration came the formal announcement that he had started his re-election campaign.

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