Trump mourns rights suspicious 'enemy'

Trump mourns rights suspicious 'enemy'

World September 20, 2016 15:12

- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, in a speech in Florida accused of a series of attacks and attempted Ahmad Khan Rahami as enemy combatant titled. Trump argued that he is covered by the protection that the law provides ordinary citizens.

Trump regretted that Rahami now, a fantastic treatment. He would not get as enemy combatants and could be imprisoned without trial indefinitely. Trump regretted that we give him a great treatment, he is treated by the best doctors in the world and is in a beautiful hospital room, probably with 'room service'. And then he also gets an excellent lawyer.

Rahami was Monday after a shootout with cops nabbed and wounded transported to a hospital. He is being charged with five attempted murders (the agents) and illegal possession of weapons. But that just goes about his arrest in Linden (New Jersey). The federal charges over the bomb blast or plotted attacks in New York and New Jersey come. Justice has not yet disclosed why she Rahami sees as the prime suspect.

Some media say he was caught on the basis of images on surveillance cameras. He is associated with an explosion of a bomb on the coast of New Jersey, the attack in Manhattan on Saturday the discovery of a snelkookpanbom in Manhattan and the discovery of a bomb Monday in his hometown of Elizabeth (New Jersey).

The 28-year-old Rahami is a naturalized American in the US. He was born in Afghanistan and came at the age of seven to the US He has traveled according to US media several times to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Upon returning, he was questioned again, with no suspicions were raised by his interrogators. In July 2011 Rahami married in Quetta (Pakistan) with a Pakistani. She left the US shortly before the attack Saturday in central New York, US media reported Tuesday.

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