Trump likes JSF far too expensive, what are the consequences?

Trump likes JSF far too expensive, what are the consequences?

World December 12, 2016 18:45

- Donald Trump wants to strengthen the US military, but now also pay attention to the little ones. Using his favorite medium Twitter announced finding the future commander-in-chief overpriced for the Joint Strike Fighter program. The price of Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of the fighter, immediately made a dive and lost billions in market value.

Other companies that have contracts with the US Defense saw their share price.

Trump wants to show that under him as president will change many things. Previously released the 'commander-in-tweet' already know too expensive to find new Air Force Ones and the order of wanting to cancel presidential aircraft, until anywhere from aircraft manufacturer Boeing in Seattle.

The US Department of Defense has almost $ 400 billion spent on the JSF program for the production of some 2,500 aircraft, it makes it the most expensive US weapons program ever.

Lockheed Martin announced worry about understanding the costs and investing millions to bring down the unit price.

Trump's statements seem to have no adverse effects on the Dutch order. 'The cost to bring down is only good', says Commander of the Armed Forces Tom Middendorp. 'I do wonder how he's going to do that. '\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Labour MP Eijsink, following the purchase of the JSF critical, keeps aloof. 'Let's first wait for Trump's real president, and even talked to General Bogdan (boss of the JSF program). 'Speculating about reducing the number of production units, has no sense, says Eijsink.

Of course, a lower number would mean increasing the price per unit, and that would be bad news for the Netherlands. A US intention to conduct fewer planes, however, no question.

The risk for the Dutch purchase currently comes indeed from the US: the high dollar. At current dollar purchase of 37 aircraft would fall to 500 million euros higher. Defense recognizes that risk has also made an additional reservation, but at the same time aiming for the dollar ultimately favorable weather.

Netherlands has set aside 4.5 billion euros for the purchase of 37 F-35's. Our country serves as a partner in the development, conservation and maintenance of the F-35. The cost of developing walked billions out of hand, the project experienced persistent delays and technical setbacks, including the software.

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