Trump: 'Hillary is the devil '

Trump: 'Hillary is the devil '

World August 2, 2016 11:18

- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has hard lashed out at his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. 'It's the devil,' he said during a speech. He also thinks that the upcoming elections in November will expire unfair.

At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania Trump said Bernie Sanders a 'deal with the devil had to leave the race. 'It's the devil,' he said of Clinton.

Trump was in the last days under fire for his comments about the parents of a Muslim American soldier who died in Iraq in 2004.
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The soldier father gave a speech at the Democratic convention with his wife at his side. He told them that his son as a Muslim and as an officer in Iraq has brought the ultimate sacrifice for America.

Trump then sneered that he has brought a lot of sacrifices, because,, I work hard, very hard. ' He also wondered why Ghazala Khan have stood beside her husband on stage, but said nothing. He suggested that the Muslim woman as perhaps nothing could say. That came to assist him in many indignant reactions.

The Republican Senator John McCain, who was a prisoner in the Vietnam war, has critically responded to the statements made by Trump.

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