Trump gets support gun lobby

Trump gets support gun lobby

World May 21, 2016 07:09

- Donald Trump has a fierce speech assured of the support of the National Rifle Association, the powerful US gun lobby.

Republican presidential candidate spoke in Louisville to the national convention of the NRA. He assured gun owners their constitutional right to bear arms. He also promised to abolish as president weapon-free zones. He connected it to a shooting that took place last year in a recruitment center of the army in the city of Chattanooga, where a gunman in a weapons-free zone four US Marines shot dead.

The statements of Trump come as no surprise, but can lead to a strengthening of its status among conservatives, that protection of the right to gun ownership seen as a top priority.
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Trump accused his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton of wanting to abolish the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which establishes the right to private gun ownership. A senior staff member of Clinton's campaign criticized the,, conspiracy theories '' of Trump. According to her, it is possible to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals while protecting the amendment.

Clinton promised earlier to tackle the gun lobby and introduce measures to restrict gun ownership. So there would be more extensive background checks should be made to buyers of weapons, even if the purchases made by public gun shows or online.

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