Trump does not break with NATO '

Trump does not break with NATO '

World November 14, 2016 23:24

- US President Barack Obama is confident that the new President Donald Trump will not break with NATO. Prior to his trip to Europe and Latin America, he said in a press conference that he will reassure the partners of the US.

According to Obama Trump will work as president of NATO and other international alliances. ' In the conversations with my successor, he expressed a clear preference for the retention of our key strategic partners, 'Obama meant, which is still more than two months President. ' The most important message I'm going to bring is Trump's commitment to the relationship with NATO. '

Trump is also selected thanks statements abroad which mainly costs money and jobs to the United States, according to him. He wants the US to interfere firstly with itself and then can be cut back sharply on what the country now spends in the international arena. NATO is dominated and largely funded by the US

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