'Trump did not make conversations with Comey'

'Trump did not make conversations with Comey'

World June 22, 2017 18:00

washington - US President Donald Trump does not have sound recordings of his talks with former FBI director James Comey. Trump said only the existence of recordings to ensure Comey did not spread any untruths, said a source against Bloomberg press office.

Trump unveiled Comey last month as director of federal investigation. The president briefly suggested in a tweet that there may be recordings of talks he had with Comey. 'James Comey has to hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he gets to the press,' twittered Trump.

Comey recently said in a hearing before the Senate Intelligence Commission that records of his conversations with the president existed. 'If that's the case, my feelings are not hurt. Give them all free. I have no objections, 'said the former FBI chief.

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