Trump did it

Trump did it

World November 9, 2016 07:30

- A slap in the face of the establishment and very hopeful for other candidates to compete globally posing for change and go against the current multicultural. Otherwise Donald Trump victory can not be explained.

It remains bizarre: a billionaire with an agenda especially in terms of taxation in favor of the very rich could work with his message that all crooks are flocking to the 'common people' get behind in Washington. The people who never will make a long journey and have little comments you have to study long life for a new job. They want their peaceful life, without all those modernism.

Trump has always said that he and only he could bring only the change and was right there. Make no mistake, this is no profit of the Republican Party, there will be many leaders are pulling the hair out what they need now, it was the victory of 'the Donald'.

His style of constant suspicion and responding to the fears and the gut feeling of many Americans who desperately want the time back that their jobs were safe and their country had worked the undisputed leader of the world.

Venting that anger was actually the only constant message of Trump. For the rest he could, as in his life for politics in which he supported both Democrats and Republicans, and sometimes before and then again was against abortion, change of position easily. At first sight absurd statement that he is someone on Fifth Avenue could shoot in the heart of New York without that this would have consequences for its popularity turned out to contain more truth than it seemed then.

Big question is what will be a presidency of Trump. In the US it more clearly than in the wide world. The US will certainly be more conservative as the new president fill the open spot came in the Supreme Court with a deeply conservative judge. This is a break with the course that was started under Obama with women's and gay rights were stronger.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Health insurance, the flagship Obamacare, will be dismantled. That means that millions of Americans are walking around uninsured.

A lot will depend on the advisors and ministers Trump will gather around him. He will listen to them long is questionable. The man only trusts his family, but they did it anyway to convince him the last day to tweet more self to cause any further damage with bold statements.

The question is what Trump sees the world: the charmer or the bully. He can both. But his encounters with someone like Angela Merkel will be given his statements about women sure are interesting.

Much of what Trump has promised is unreal. He will have a miracle possible to bring back jobs to China. A mass deportation of illegal immigrants is difficult to imagine, and the wall along the border with Mexico.

But Trump Stemmer's not stupid. Who knew in advance it. Their main target: Washington announced that they are fed up and see how far we get. And Hillary Clinton was the symbol of the scheming in the US capital.

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