'Trump decision does not mean ending agreement'

'Trump decision does not mean ending agreement'

World May 31, 2017 17:03



AMSTERDAM (ANP)- If the United States actually steps out of the climate treaty, that does not mean the end of the agreement. That says environmental organizations in response to reports that President Donald Trump will withdraw the United States from the Paris climate treaty.

Nature \u0026 amp; Environment points out that the agreement has been signed by almost two hundred countries. 'This makes it clear that there has been a world-wide movement that is no longer possible, nor by the US. ''

Environmental disaster finds that the states in the United States now need to help improve the climate. 'California shows how it can. For Europe, this is an additional reason to accelerate, to really do the fight against climate change. ''

Greenpeace also believes that Trump can not stop the energy revolution. 'During the G7, Europe, Canada and Japan recently recently announced that they were to remain faithful to the climate agreement. Now that Trump ignores it, it is all the more important that other countries keep their backs straight. ''

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