Trump called the toilet Clinton 'distasteful'

Trump called the toilet Clinton 'distasteful'

World December 23, 2015 16:00

- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was not amused that his rival Hillary Clinton during a televised debate had to go to the toilet.

During the televised debate of the three Democratic candidates last Saturday, Clinton appeared to need during the break a little longer time. She turned a little too late. I know where she was, it was disgusting and I do not want to talk about , Trump announced there. It is not the first time that Trump is rude remarks about Clinton. On Monday he took the word 'schlonged 'in the mouth, over the loss of Clinton in 2008, Barack Obama. The word is actually a vulgar word for the male genitals. Trump insists it no more than 'tough losses' means.

Clinton criticizes the tone of his campaign.

He is hateful. And inflammatory rhetoric used to divide people. The man has no limits, nothing surprises me anymore.

Trump let out more often sexist. Eg opposite of Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly, in August. She led a televised debate where he entered. Trump suggested that Kelly was guided in a critical question to him by her hormones. Then he was barred by a conservative group from a conference. There Trump withdrew little to. The presidential candidate suggested on Twitter that the program of Kelly better off with another presenter. He also retweette a message that the journalist a 'bimbo' was mentioned.

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