Trump assumes NATO leaders

Trump assumes NATO leaders

World May 25, 2017 16:24

brussels - Europeans and Canada also have to pay the wallet without mourning to bring their defense to order. President Trump demands hard action.

That turned out to be Thursday afternoon in Brussels where government leaders and heads of state of 29 NATO countries met.

Trump called the defense to issue 2 percent- the NATO standard- the 'absolute minimum'. That is not a message that the other leaders wanted to hear. They point out that the time spent on defense is now behind us. In addition, among other things, the Netherlands, it is also the question of what is happening with the available budget. A country can participate a lot of missions, but does not meet the norm, for example, while another country never gives home.

The Netherlands also scores well below the NATO standard. In 2014, NATO countries already agreed to grow to 2% of GDP within 10 years, but at the current pace, the Netherlands never gets it.

Trump does not like it. 'There is still barbarian violence in the world,' he said. And that must be combated jointly. Now, the Americans alone account for 70 percent of NATO's total defense spending.

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