Trump and Clinton argue

Trump and Clinton argue

World May 3, 2017 06:15

new york - Hillary Clinton and President Trump just keep pace with the election results last year. 'I was on my way to winning the elections when a combination of the letter of FBI director James Comey and Russian Wikileaks had sown doubts in the minds of people who were more likely to vote for me but then scared,' said Clinton Tuesday In an interview with CNN.

Trump arrived a few hours later with his reaction via Twitter. 'Comey's FBI Director was the best thing Hillary Clinton ever made because he gave her a freelance for many bad deeds. 'Also, about the Russian interference, the president had finished his reply. 'Trump / Russia is just an excuse that the Democrats have used to talk to their electoral defeat. Maybe Trump just had a good campaign. '

Clinton already took an advance on those reactions during the interview. She expressed the criticism that Trump writes too much.

She said further taking full responsibility for her election decline, but also referring to Russian Wikileaks, the FBI and to sexism as reasons for hair loss. 'If the presidential elections had been on October 27, I was now president. 'Comey announced on October 28 that the FBI reopened the investigation into Clinton's private mail server.

In the interview, the former presidential woman criticized the policy of current President Trump in areas such as women's rights and foreign affairs. She said she had supported the missile attack on Syria, but doubted whether that had made any difference.

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