Trio on balcony reached low point: 2 wounded

Trio on balcony reached low point: 2 wounded

World July 30, 2017 18:36

bad breisig - A trio between a man and two women on a balcony in the German Bad Breisig knew more lows than highlights. The three had swapped the bedroom for a balcony on Thursday. That seemed good until one of the women reached a climax and suddenly, completely naked, fell three feet down.

Her girlfriend ran down for help and took the stairs. However, they stumbled and fell naked on the ground.

The man found both women injured and turned in emergency services. The woman who fell from the balcony would have broken her legs. The woman falling down the stairs broke her arms and her neck. Both women are not life-threateningly injured.

'During the act there was a practical positional problem,' the man would have explained. The lady who had gone down from the balcony would have leaned against the railing.

The police did not want to say who the three were. This to save them this embarrassing newsfeed, according to the German General-Anzeiger. The women are now recovering from the hospital.

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