Travel advice adjusted after speech Trump

World December 6, 2017 19:21

the hague - For the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the speech by US President Trump on Jerusalem is a reason to adjust travel advice for Israel and the Palestinian territories.

'Recent political developments have increased the chances of protests and demonstrations in Jerusalem and at checkpoints and transitions to the Palestinian Territories,' the department said shortly after the speech in which Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

'Avoid demonstrations and places where many people come. Be alert and follow the local media. '

The warning does not mean that the official 'negative travel advice' has been extended. This has been true- for ages- only for Gaza and the edges of the occupied Golan Heights. Security risks have been around for years in all Israel and in the West Bank. Code orange, an advice to make 'necessary journeys only' applies to the border area with Lebanon and the area around the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, it was told internally to diplomats that they had to 'travel to Israel only if it is really necessary.'

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