Tourist finds turtle in vagina after wild party night

Tourist finds turtle in vagina after wild party night

World September 21, 2018 13:32

- A British tourist who visited Tenerife is a big puzzle. After a night out, she got severe pain in her intimate zone. A visit to the emergency room quickly clarified: there was a tortoise in her vagina stuck.

The doctor of the hospital in the town of Majón de Arona could not believe his eyes, reports El País. On Tuesday, the woman walked in with serious pain in her intimate zone. When the patient was examined, the medical specialist found a dead turtle.

Then the doctor decided to call the police. Agents took a statement from the 26-year-old woman. She said she stayed on the island for a few days for a vacation. On Tuesday she visited a number of clubs in Fañabé, but she had no idea what happened there.

The police closed the case. Agents think that the woman has put the reptile herself in her vagina, or that someone else has done this. The dead animal can not have landed in her body out of nowhere.

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