Top meeting in Brussels on migration without 'asylum-refusing' countries

Top meeting in Brussels on migration without 'asylum-refusing' countries

World June 24, 2018 06:21

brussels - The leaders of sixteen EU countries, including Prime Minister Mark Rutte, meet informally in Brussels on Sunday in an attempt to find solutions to migration problems in Europe. No decisions are taken and there is no final press conference.

The travel of asylum seekers through Europe, about which German Chancellor Angela Merkel is under heavy pressure in his own country, is an important point. Her home secretary Horst Seehofer threatens with border controls if Member States where they arrived and registered do not take them back. A concept document that states that these countries will be forced to do so and that stricter checks must be carried out in trains and buses after Italian objections.

The Italian government, where many migrants arrive, demands that asylum seekers are finally distributed fairly among the member states. It is a thorn in Rome's eye that the country of arrival is responsible for asylum applications. On Saturday, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio reached out to French President Emmanuel Macron, who, he says, is trivializing migration problems. Macron believes that there is not such a big crisis as in 2015.

The leaders of the asylum-refusing countries Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia do not come because there are only solutions that they have already rejected.

All leaders will be present next week at a real EU summit, where migration also plays a leading role. Much is at stake. If Member States introduce border controls on their own, it is done with the free movement of people in Europe.

The summit meeting on Sunday in the European Commission building starts at 3:00 pm and is expected to last about four o'clock.

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