Top investor compares Facebook with nazipropaganda Goebbels

World November 11, 2017 10:18

new york - He was one of the very first investors in Facebook, but has now completely turned away from the medium. Top Investor Roger McNamee compares the social media with the practices of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels and 'Prince of Pr Edward Bernays'.

'In order to hold your attention, they have combined all Goebbels and Bernays techniques and others from the world of persuasiveness, and major advertising agencies, into a ready-to-use product with very personal information to make people addicted,' said he in washington

A world of 'fear and anguish' also arises because we flatten everything online without thinking how it comes to others. 'We have become less civilized. '

Last month, the thinker of a similar button, Justin Rosenstein, suggested that he set limits on his own Facebook use because he was afraid of adverse effects. 'Sometimes you think something with the best intentions, but it has unexpectedly negative consequences. '

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