Too thick? No operation

World October 18, 2017 09:51

hertfordshire - English who are too fat or smoking must first lose weight or wipe the cigarette before being operated. This plan of the NHS for some regions of the country has led to bad reactions.

So far, smokers and overweight people have been given the chance to better their lives. An operation was postponed for up to nine months, but eventually carried out.

According to the Daily Telegraph, according to the new rules, obese patients are eligible for non-urgent operations only if they are seriously lost. For exceptional cases only one exception is made.

Smokers must be able to demonstrate that they have stopped at least eight weeks prior to surgery. This is actively monitored with breath analysis.

The sickness insurer hopes to force people to live healthier.

The Royal College of Surgeons, the organization that represents the medical specialists, is opposed to the plans because they would be discriminatory. It is feared that this is the beginning of more exclusion from patients.

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