Toilet choice transgender anyway Supreme Court case

Toilet choice transgender anyway Supreme Court case

World October 28, 2016 22:42

- The US Supreme Court has declared that it Friday yet prepared to consider the rights of transgender people in the toilet. A seventeen year old student, who was born a woman but feel man harnessed in Virginia a lawsuit in which he demanded to be allowed to use the boys' toilets. It forbade the school board following a complaint by a few parents.

Gavin Grimm, the girl in the wrong body, found that there had been discrimination and took the federal court level. Following appeals was decided to refer the matter to the highest court. That counts, however, by the death of the conservative judge Antonin Scala only eight members and refused to be tempted by a principle, final judgment. Now it seems that there is yet to come from.

If the votes are tied (4-4), which has already happened more often, the judgment of the Court of Appeals in Richmond remains intact for the benefit of Grimm, but that means no legal precedent for the rest of the US Elsewhere similar cases cause a lot of fuss.

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