'To find out that erased WhatsApp conversations'

'To find out that erased WhatsApp conversations'

Tech July 29, 2016 11:39

- Also like WhatsApp users delete messages, delete or archive, remain forensic traces of all calls in the latest version of the app. The only way to get rid of them, is to completely remove the app. That suggests at least researcher Jonathan Zdziarski.

The researcher, who amassed more notoriety when he said that there was a backdoor in iOS7, also states that it is not unusual for applications that use SQLite that trace behind. Traces disappear until they are overwritten several times. In the case of WhatsApp it also helps to remove the app completely. In this case disappears complete SQLite database namely your smartphone.

Zdziarski notes that it does not disappear from the talks on WhatsApp could affect user privacy seriously. If a backup is made, is also copied the chat database WhatsApp. That means that will appear in the iCloud backup and the backup of the desktop. The backup of the desktop can be encoded using the versleuteloptie backup in iTunes, but that does not work for iCloud. There, investigators as having possession of permission from the courts than as Apple also cooperates.
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