Tips to look even smarter with Google

Tips to look even smarter with Google

Tech October 29, 2015 15:45

- Almost everyone makes daily use of Google. But many people do not know that there are many clever ways to search effectively with Google. Here we discuss twelve tips that you should definitely know.

Search for phrases with Google If you want to find a combination of words, such as a portion of a song text or the title of a book, you can put it in quotation marks to Google to let qualify as a single keyword. Such a search will look like this: " The Wind in the Willows ". For example, if you are looking for a phrase or song text but you know a particular word anymore, then you can insert an asterisk (asterisk) as a placeholder for that word. Such a search will look like this: " * in the willows ". Boolean operators to use use Boolean operators You can tell Google exactly what you are looking for so that you get in return better search results. = " https: & gt; For example, to search for the combination of two words, you can use the AND operator (in capitals) to combine the keywords. The search AND apple kiwi produces only sites on which both the word " apple " if the keyword " kiwi " to be mentioned. If you want to see websites or the keyword " apple " or the word " kiwi " contain, you can use the OR operator (in capitals): apple OR kiwi. You get websites back only the keyword " apple " and websites that have only the word " kiwi " have, but not both. Would you like to correct that is not a specific keyword included in your search, you can a- put the word (without space) and to serve as the NOT operator. Suppose you are looking for information about jaguars (and by that I mean the car brand, not the species), you can use the following query: jaguar-dierOp file type search in GoogleAls you are looking for a scientific article, a book or a manual and you want to be happy to have in PDF format, you can find the PDF versions of it by filetype: followed by using the file format. That looks like this: " Wuthering Heights " filetype: pdf. Google within a given website zoekenAls you're not impressed by the search of a particular website, or if you just prefer to use Google to search the Web site, you can. Enter site: followed by the web address to search for a particular keyword within that website. That looks like this: " Windows 10 " site: computer altogether. viz. Would you prefer to search only within a particular domain, you can. Suppose you want information about the iPhone 6s, but you just want to crawl sites that are. en end, use: " iphone 6s " site :. viz. to look for similar websites GoogleAls you are looking for websites that are similar to a particular site, for example if the website in question you really like, you can use the related: search operator to use. That can look like this: related: computer altogether. viz. to answer a Google search can ask all kinds of questions in GoogleJe, and the search engine will give you an answer instead of just a list of web pages as search results. You can Google all kinds of questions. Google can count. A question has been asked so. Convert GoogleJe can convert with Google everything, by convert followed by typing the sizes, such as convert 77 fahrenheit to celsius, convert 47 kilograms to pounds or convert 3 meters to yards. Google for definitions zoekenOm the definition of look up a word, of course, you can go to an online dictionary and enter the word as a search term. But you can also directly from Google by request definitions define followed by typing the word. Google can give definitions. On zoekenAls image you want to find images similar to a given image, or if you want to know at which sites the image is used, you can use this Google Images. You just need to click on the camera icon and entering the URL of an image or upload an image to start the search. Search for apps GoogleAls you just want to search for apps, you can then filter the results by listed under the Google search bar on More & gt; Apps clicking. If you are looking for a particular platform you can specify that for example " windows phone " typing in the search field, if you want to maintain that a search term such as " windows phone " " candy crush ". Your flight or the weather controlerenAls you have booked a flight and want to check the data, then you just have to type in the flight number to get more information. Flight Display with Google. If you want to check the weather forecast in a certain destination, you just followed again by typing a place. Weather forecasts show with Google. Cinema Times opzoekenAls To locate your cinema times, also you can with Google. Enter the desired movie and any location, and you will see a list of theaters and showtimes. This article is brought to you by Total Computer. nl

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