Timmermans: 'nuclear option' against Poland

World December 20, 2017 12:24

brussels - EU Commissioner Frans Timmermans wants to use the toughest procedure against Poland. He asks the Member States and the European Parliament to agree to the activation of Article 7 from the EU Treaty.

This article can ultimately lead to Poland being temporarily deprived of its voting rights in the EU. Presumably it will not come this far: this measure requires unanimity, and Hungary has already announced its decision.

Never before has an EU country been threatened with this so-called 'nuclear option'. The decision of the European Commission comes after two years of unsuccessful attempts to enter into a dialogue with Poland about legislative changes that, according to Brussels, threaten the democratic constitutional state.

Poland, for example, is trying with a patchwork of measures to seize power within the Constitutional Court. Moreover, it recently decided that, in short, the political judges will appoint, while a large number of leading judges will be retired.

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