Tim Cook sees no future for the PC

Tim Cook sees no future for the PC

Tech November 10, 2015 16:45

london - Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks the PC has had his longest time though. "Why would you buy a PC? No really, cites another reason why you still need," he said in an interview with The Telegraph. Apple 's iPad Pro comes out Wednesday. The new tablet partially focuses on business applications for people in creative professions. The American company has great expectations of it.

" For many, the iPad Pro is the replacement for a laptop or a desktop computer. They'll be using and come to the conclusion that they no longer need another device on their phone after ", Cook tells the eve of the release.

Apple chooses to face major appliances. As iPhones and his six 6s Plus significantly larger than their predecessors, the iPad Pro also has a considerable size. Experts expect the brunt of the iPad Mini will be there. Cook has a clear opinion about that : " If you have a large phone, you probably will not opt for the iPad Mini. " He thinks that there is a need for small tablets will remain. " Products supplant each other are not a problem as long as you just cannibalizing your own products. "

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