Threat schools Los Angeles possible joke

Threat schools Los Angeles possible joke

World December 15, 2015 22:49

- The threat Tuesday that led to the closure of all public schools in Los Angeles based on probably a joke. This said, a number of federal officials.

The officials, who wish to remain anonymous, hence making an evaluation of the commissioner of police in New York. Who called the decision of the authorities in Los Angeles all students to send home an overreaction. New York had received a similar threat, but the police did not take it seriously there. More than a thousand public schools in Los Angeles Tuesday closed its doors because of a "credible" terror threat. The threat came via an email received by, among others, a board member of a school. The second largest school district in the United States employs 640. 000 pupils. The decision to close was " a precaution, " adopted by the school board. Criticism " I think it is important to take this precaution in light of what happened recently ", said a police spokesman. He was referring to the shooting in San Bernardino, where fourteen people died. " By the end of the day I want every school has been searched to ensure that it is safe for the children and staff next Wednesday. " The threats were called backpacks and other packages. " Criticism is easy when you have no responsibility for the safety of students and staff. "

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