Thrashing IS in Libya

World June 23, 2016 17:18

- They have no shrapnel vests, little ammunition and few even walking on slippers. Yet Libyan militia Islamic State made such a significant slice succeed, the extremists- after Iraq and Syria- now fear for their future in the country they have recently seen as a possible refuge.

The militias, officially to fight under the banner of the internationally recognized government of national unity, have the IS stronghold encircled Sirte. They are a limited number of special forces and drones helped by the Americans and British. Themselves think the IS militias have expelled within a month, but there will probably be more time over it. The extremists are motivated to the bone and well armed, while the internal tensions increase with the militias.

It is a small wonder that this last month have made so many gains. They fight under one flag, but there is hardly any coordination. Much to the concern of the unity government, which fears that there will therefore be a new civil war.
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Premier Serraj is supported by the United Nations and the international community, but should be on the ground in Libya depend on the whims of the militias. When offensive against IS fighters from Misrata are particularly concerned, but these are again at loggerheads with other groups. The expectation is that they will fight each other again.

The United States also hold therefore a blow to the arm with the successes in the fight against Islamic State. The CIA estimates that features the terror army in Libya for up to 8,000 fighters, who resides largely in Sirte. The Americans refuse to carry out bombardments on the birthplace of Colonel Gaddafi.

To the anger of Lieutenant General Thomas Waldhausen, which should lead the Africa Command of the US Army. He advocates greater involvement of his country, including sending more ground troops. 'I do not think we have a strategy,' said Waldhausen during a hearing before a special committee of Congress.

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