Thousands of drilling platforms unused

Thousands of drilling platforms unused

World August 2, 2017 07:18

- American shale producers who compete with their cheap fuel OPEC oil cartel are always facing higher costs.

The costs for these platform platforms in the Permian Base have been rising for months, says ING Research. A similar increase in costs should also swell producers in the Gulf States for platforms. \u0026 Nbsp;

In recent years, shale producers with much lower production costs caused fierce competition from the OPEC cartel.

A vessel of ICE Brent rose Wednesday to a two-month high of $ 52.8 per barrel of 150 liters. In addition, Shell's production problems in Pernis played a role, according to ING Research.

Asian producers supply gas so that sufficient supply remains in the market for the current third quarter.

At the same time prices of raw materials that the energy suppliers have to make by almost 10% per tonne increase.

'This price increase means that the operational costs for the sector will increase. Combined with a lack of personnel and equipment, it has led to a record number of drilled but unpowered resources, 'analysts from ING Research said.

They counted over six thousand of these types of congested sources that do not supply fuel.

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