This will protect your child online

This will protect your child online

Tech December 1, 2015 17:15

- For children, the virtual world is often one great discovery. In addition to a fun and educational environment, however, there is also danger. To prevent children from viewing images that are not meant for their eyes, you can turn a few simple settings on a smartphone, tablet or used programs themselves.

Installing filtering software is for many parents a bridge too far, but there are a few convenience features available free to contribute to a safer Internet environment. To begin with, do parents with small children are wise to smartphones and tablets always be secured with a code so that a child is not at an unguarded moment alone explores the virtual world. iOS Apple has built into iOS some security options. From Settings, General, Restrictions, it is possible to hide apps for certain age groups or even hide all apps. Also here can access websites blocked by explicit materials, as well as the option to install apps or make in-app purchases. Furthermore, it is possible to secure an app using the Guided Access feature on your phone or tablet. This means the user can only use this app and can not make a different choice via the Home button. Android The Android system itself has no built-in enhanced security features, but can be found in the Play Store are several apps. With AppLock basic settings can be locked and apps can be hidden or protected with a password. Funamo is next to a beveiligingsapp a secure browser. Parents can select which apps are accessible and even set per app how long a child can use it. YouTube YouTube has a built-in safety mode that is very easy to activate. On the website of the video service at the bottom of a number of settings: language, country and restricted mode. The latter you can turn to hide videos with inappropriate content. The YouTube app is available for the Limited mode in the Settings menu. Google Google search engine also features a built-in filter. SafeSearch blocks inappropriate or explicit images on Google search results and can be activated by clicking on the bottom right settings and select 'search settings.

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