'Third World War By Trump Near'

'Third World War By Trump Near'

World October 11, 2017 01:48

washington - The Republican Senator Bob Corker has taken a great deal on Sunday in an interview with The New York Times to President Donald Trump. According to Corker, Trump can threaten the United States, due to its threats to other countries, 'on the road to a Third World War', and # x27; \u0026 # x27; bring. The senator also considers that Trump treats the presidency as a \u0026 # x27; reality show \u0026 # x27 ;.

Corker thinks Trump has undermined diplomacy with his Twitter fingers. The senator states in the interview that his vision is shared by almost all Republican senators. 'The president does not know how great his power is. '

The interview was a response to an argument that started on Twitter. Trump responded in keen words to Corker's decision not to be re-elected as senator. 'He does not have the guts to fight because I have already refused to support him. I had long expected Corker to have a negative impact on our great political agenda, 'said Trump, via multiple tweets.

Corker hit hard back: 'The White House is a day-care center for adults, where the caretaker obviously did not appear at work this morning. 'In the interview with The New York Times, Corker denies that he has withdrawn because Trump did not support him. 'I had already taken that decision. It was precisely the president who asked me to continue. '

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