Thieves robbed artificial legs victim boot crash

World November 30, 2017 15:48

london - The London police are looking for men who have stolen prostheses. They robbed the tools from a parked car while the owner sat in a restaurant. 'This is a very low crime in which heartless thieves have stolen the personal belongings of the victim,' the police ruled.

The police in the British capital suspects that the perpetrators drove on scooters. They hit a window and grabbed two bags that lay on the backseat of the car. They grabbed a laptop, but also three artificial legs. According to British media, they have a value of around 30,000 pounds (over 34,000 euros).

According to the police, the tools, including a blade for running, can only be used by the victim, 45-year-old Victoria Milligan. She lost part of her left leg in 2013. That happened in an accident with a speed boat where her 51-year-old husband and eight-year-old daughter were killed.

Milligan hopes that the perpetrators dump her customized leg prostheses somewhere. 'They do not fit anyone else, cost a lot of money and are completely useless for everyone except me. '

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