Thieves made harmless bomb NY

Thieves made harmless bomb NY

World September 20, 2016 10:03

manhattan - Thieves in New York have without them had probably the second bomb bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami defused. The explosive, a self-made pressure cooker was hidden in a trolley. The robbers found the briefcase on West 27th, opened it and took out the bomb, which they dumped in the trash. The case took them.

Researchers believe that the robbers, two smart young men without them did it themselves, have prevented worse. "He who finds a suitcase, a pressure cooker and a mobile phone and only takes the phone doing?" Asks one of the officers themselves. "It's hard to say what exactly happened, but they may have accidentally pulled by a thread."

The pan, which remained otherwise intact, was with wires attached to a mobile phone. Over the phone, the FBI was able to trace the family of Rahami. They found on social media in the 28-year-old American Afghan and discovered that one had filmed the man from the surveillance cameras.

Although police assume that men are not involved in the terror plan, police would still like to talk to them. "We see them now as witnesses. Maybe they have more information."

Earlier it was announced that two homeless men last Sunday saw a backpack with explosives in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

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