Thief walks away with bucket full of gold

Thief walks away with bucket full of gold

World November 30, 2016 22:24

- Opportunity makes the thief. That adage is proven once again in New York. A video clip which was acquired by the local station NBC 4 shows how a light-hearted bandit in broad daylight from an armored car removes a bucket. In later became known, there was approximately one and a half million of gold in pictures.

The thief used a brief moment of inattention of the two guards of the valuables. While the one on West 48th Street in New York 'Jewellery Area, 'shrugged a load, the other to put to sit in the front seat. The culprit had to 20 seconds, enough to make his move on the left open tailgate and walk away with the loot.

Surveillance cameras in the area showed how heavy it was. The man had his gold 'discovery' here regularly drop to come. 'He saw his chance, grabbed the bucket and ambled away,' replied the detective leading the police investigation. He thinks the waiting pedestrians no idea must have been what he had just 'scored.' 'When the lucky opened the thing, he looked fixedly at the rainbow with the pot of gold underneath. '

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