The terrorists remain under the radar

The terrorists remain under the radar

World November 27, 2015 16:15

- The manhunt Salah Abdeslam (26) and Mohamed Abrini (20), who were involved in the attacks in Paris, the two terrorists not yet driven into the hands of the police. For two weeks, they know how to stay under the radar and are according to informants on their way to Syria.

Writes The Latest News (HLN) in an analysis. Terrorists who want to be discovered, adhere to very strict communication. As they would use any phone and have not been active on the Internet. According to the informants HLN travel the two terrorists from safehouse to safehouse. These are often hidden addresses in ordinary neighborhoods in nondescript houses. Even Al Qaeda and the Taliban and used a large network of permanent shelter addresses. A pair of IS safe houses have been discovered in recent weeks in France and Brussels. BestelbusjeDe journey to the safe houses they make the classic way of drug gangsters. The terrorists are hiding in the back of a van and drive two kilometers behind a pilot car. A third car is behind the van. Scout stores via a phone alarm as he uncovers an unexpected police control, so the van and the follower can turn around and be able to choose a different route. Routine vermijdenBij try their flight they routine to avoid as much as possible. Therefore, they travel every day but about 50 kilometers, and they constantly change of vehicle drivers and shelters. An accomplice helps with that occasionally spreading a hand through the DNA of the fugitives in homes where they never have been.

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