'The race is not yet run '

'The race is not yet run '

World June 30, 2016 07:30

- The court-martial has potential to proceed with the December murder process. So say opposition parties in the Surinamese parliament and Eddy the Vineyard, the brother of one of the fifteen Surinamese who were murdered in December 1982.

Wijngaarde thinks differently than the blanket order of Surinamese lawyers Harish Monorath. He concluded that the trial stopped now President Desi Bouterse Article 148 has used the constitution.

The Vineyard:,, That is really too short-sighted. The court-martial has enough incriminating material itself to determine a punishment. There's the Judge not needed for Military. For me, not run this race, '' said a confident the Vineyard.
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Also ask the opposition parties in parliament that the court martial has not yet played out. According to Chan Santokhi, leader of the largest opposition party VHP, makes the decision of president and government are part of the process and the court martial is there so little about it.

Santokhi also pointed out that the Court of Justice in 2007 gave the order to initiate the case. That according to him, one reason why the court martial is not yet out of the game. The session of the court martial is scheduled for Thursday morning.

In a statement, the parties stress that they continue to have an independent functioning judiciary under all circumstances, as a pillar of the rule of law and the Trias Politica. They demand from the government that it is doing everything to ensure the principles of the rule of law, democracy and good governance.

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