The Netherlands gets a 3 for security

The Netherlands gets a 3 for security

World July 8, 2017 09:09

sliedrecht - APM Terminals is by no means the only company in the Netherlands that has no computer security. 'At nine out of ten companies, there are steps to be taken.' According to cyber security, our country does not score ESET higher than a 3 or a 4.

'It's not that APM is exceptional. With a 3 or a 4 as a grade, we should like the Netherlands, 'says director Dave Maasland.

The big companies that rely on technology, such as banks and the energy sector, usually have their business in order. Maasland: 'But the farther you go down, the more vulnerable companies are. Especially in transport and logistics and in lawyers and notaries, a lot of things have to happen. '

The recent Petya attack happened through an infected accounting program. 'A direct attack is a long process, it is much more logical to use a software provider. The big companies have hundreds of software packages. Small and medium-sized companies do not yet realize that they can be a springboard, 'said Maasland.

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