The Dutch stranded at airports abroad

World December 10, 2017 16:51

schiphol - Schiphol has scrapped hundreds of flights due to the snowfall. In the course of the afternoon the last runway that was still open was also closed. The Dutch who would fly back home today are therefore stuck abroad.

At Schiphol there were still one runway and one runway open this afternoon, until the runway was no longer suitable due to the snowfall. The airport is trying to make the tracks snow-free, but because hundreds of flights have been canceled, Dutch people who would fly back home today should not count on it being successful.

KLM passengers are also unlucky. Normally, this airline does a lot to help its customers, but today customer service is overloaded. On social media, in response to complaints, KLM allows canceled flights to be booked as much as possible.

'We do not hear anything from KLM,' says Melissa Swart, 28, who has been stranded at Edinburgh airport with her boyfriend. 'The phone is not answered and they do not respond to Whatsappjes all afternoon. 'She would arrive at Schiphol late in the afternoon, but because her flight was canceled, she will have to stay in Edinburgh for at least one night.

Airlines have to arrange because of their duty of care that stranded travelers, for example, can stay overnight or get a new flight. But because in this case there is probably a case of force majeure, stranded travelers may not be entitled to compensation.

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