The Dutch made a covenant against cybercrime

The Dutch made a covenant against cybercrime

Tech June 2, 2017 08:42

the hague - Six Dutch ICT companies are working together on cyber security. The purpose of the association is to better protect vital Dutch infrastructure, such as ports, locks, hospitals and air traffic control.

The collaboration is an idea of ​​former Director of the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) Pieter Cobelens. According to him, it is essential that key systems in the Netherlands be protected by Dutch companies.

According to Cobelens, attacks by hackers and foreign intelligence services are the order of the day. 'This is even happening by friends. It is very important that we protect the computers that drive our vital infrastructure against these attacks, by companies that can make the Dutch interest at all times possible.'

The companies involved Legian, Intermax, Grabowsky, Restment, Keylocker and Hudson Cybertec are in Dutch hands. With this they fall under Dutch rules.

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