'The defendant was not in Paris in attacks '

'The defendant was not in Paris in attacks '

World November 27, 2015 10:30

- One of the men who have always wanted for involvement in the attacks in Paris, was not at that city when there 130 people were killed. The Belgian Mohamed Abrini has an alibi, the French newspaper Le Parisien on authoritative sources in the Belgian courts.

Abrini two days before the attack was filmed behind the wheel of a black Renault Clio at a pumping station in northern France, in the company of Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving assassin.

On Friday, November 13th Abrini however put his signature " under a lease for an apartment in a suburb of Brussels ", according to the sources. Witnesses, including the landlord, saying he himself was present and got the keys.

" He was not physically present during the attacks. He is seen as a walk among the suspected terrorists ", confirms a source at the French police.

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