The bombshell report that Russia can blackmail Trump, explained

The bombshell report that Russia can blackmail Trump, explained

World January 11, 2017 05:03

washington - Russia has compromising financial and personal information about the US president-elect Donald Trump. The FBI has both Trump and President Obama made aware of the allegations. CNN reported Tuesday.

The news is a report in hands that would be partly made up by a former MI6 agent. The former employee of British intelligence, now has his own company, dropped by Trump political opponents hire to find incriminating information about their rival.

In the file are different- unsubstantiated- allegations against Trump. Thus, the Russian authorities would support the Republican years and assist.


Passages in the file in addition mention of 'perverse sexual activities' of Trump. The Russian secret service would these 'actions' are regulated and monitored. The report describes how Trump in Moscow would have hired a number of prostitutes in the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, the room where Barack and Michelle Obama have slept. Republican, according to the report, such a large dislike the president torque that he wanted the bed was soiled.

The report, which was created by BuzzFeed public Tuesday, has not been verified. The allegations are being investigated. CNN says therefore- unlike BuzzFeed- not to go into the contents of the file.

The report has been circulating in Washington for some time in the corridors and journalists have seen. Some of them are critical to BuzzFeed has just put online the epistle. Writes David Corn, a journalist who has published parts of the reports, that he has not released anything since he could not tighten much information.



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