The biggest exam ever

The biggest exam ever

World June 3, 2017 15:48

- While everyone is on the terrace or beach, Saturday after 190,000 financial specialists do year-end examinations. With the CFA paper they get access to the top of Wall Street, City and Zuidas.

'A clever business,' said Gary Baker, European Head of CFA Training Institute, the whole operation for this weekend. It is known to be the biggest exam ever.

The boxes of phonebooks for exams must be sealed by the customs in 91 countries without being opened. Quality is being monitored closely, Baker says. 'The current exam has another seven percent additional participants compared to last year. That does not matter. '

In 179 cities, the 188. 915 exam candidates swore in addition to asset managers, fund houses and banks.\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n   \n     Photo: CFA

They try to get the diploma for worldwide sought-after \u0026 nbsp; chartered financial analysts \u0026 nbsp; (CFA). In immense halls, like in Amsterdam, participants must demonstrate their qualities in derivatives, macroeconomics, politics and bookkeeping.

'This exam is still taken with pen and paper,' says Baker. The CFA title is a quality brand. After the credit crisis, more than ever, staff need insight into the complex financial world, Baker said.

Months, this phenomenon has been prepared. Because participants do the final test in different time zones, security measures are high to prevent passwords.

The participants who want the CFA document actually offer three years of their social life three years to become a charterholder. The CFA diploma enables financial experts worldwide to get started. Globally, 142,000 people carry that title.

'With this study, the examinations and finally in this final year you will show your dedication. Who can do this with hard work, which is worthwhile for businesses, 'says Baker.

The training takes place in various stages, with countless descendants towards the top.

CFA is a bit like the swim diploma. Without CFA title, a job in asset management is excluded at the level. By far, most candidates come from Asian countries, now 48%.

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