'The big one' is now approaching fast

'The big one' is now approaching fast

World October 5, 2016 05:03

- 'The Big One' is about to erupt, as seismologists warn. It means that the dreaded San Andreas Fault in California would formatting deposit the west coast of America in an earthquake which is unprecedented.

The ominous reports were heard at a conference of seismologists and create unrest in the region. Though they are somewhat used to in California and frequently warned that the earthquake will take place.

But it now seems really hit. ' The pressure on the southern side of the fault has built up and is no longer vacant for more than 100 years. The feathers on the San Andreas system are tensioned very tight, '' said Thomas Jordan of the California Earthquake Center at the National Earthquake Conference in Long Beach, California.

This southern part of the fraction in total is almost 1,300 kilometers long and covers a large part of California, located in Los Angeles metropolis. If there's an earthquake can fall thousands of deaths. The city has for years been trying as much as possible to prepare for buildings and houses on a major earthquake. But the damage will be enormous.

Lately were already about two hundred small earthquakes have erupted. That may be a sign that something bigger is coming. The governor of California, Jerry Brown, has just this week signed a law that allows residents receive early warnings via their mobile phone.

The Andreas Fault, where the Pacific plate and slide the North American plate along together is called a sleeping giant or ticking time bomb. The last time that a major earthquake with a magnitude of 7. 8 came was in 1906 in San Francisco.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Most of the damage came when a huge fire after the quake. There were 3,000 deaths. The region was inhabited much less.

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