The ambitious ambitions of Beyond Good \u0026 Evil 2

The ambitious ambitions of Beyond Good \u0026 Evil 2

Tech June 17, 2017 19:03

los angeles - Beyond Good \u0026 Evil 2 was the big surprise of the E3. The Telegraaf had an exclusive interview with former Michel Ancel and saw a very early version of the game.

It's the game where fans have been asking for almost 14 years and the game that nobody had expected for the past E3: Beyond Good \u0026 amp; Evil 2. The closing of the Ubisoft press conference resumed a long time after the trade fair. The trailer, everyone agrees, is beautiful and would not stand up on the white canvas. The multi-ethnic cast of people and (talking) animals, like the colorful science fiction setting, is packed with space pirates, flying cars, image-filling spaceships and distant planets to visit.

Many gamers wondered if Ubisoft Montpellier had brought more to the E3 than just a trailer. And that was so. In the Hudson Loft, a short 10 minute walk from the Los Angeles Convention Center, I got an exclusive look at Beyond Good \u0026 amp; Evil 2. Ubisoft had specially developed a kind of mini-development studio for the occasion. Walls full of artwork, a large statue of Knox; The monkey from the trailer, a huge television and a developer build of a very raw version of the Christmas present announced game.

Frenchman Michel Ancel, a veteran in the game industry and designer of platform icon Rayman, radiates happiness. During the press conference, a few days earlier, he was visibly inspired. Ancel: 'We wanted to continue for a long time and now we are on track now. For the first time, after so many years, finally sharing our plans with the world... that was quite intense. The fans have been asking for so long. '' Now the technology also enables us to make the game we have in mind, 'continues Ancel. 'It must be a great, seamless experience where players can go in and out of their spaceship whenever they want to fly over cities, and fly into the atmosphere to travel to other plants. '\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n   \n     Jan Meijroos was in LA in the art of the new Beyond Good \u0026 amp; See Evil 2.

The word that Ancel drops regularly is 'scale'. Players must feel that there is a huge universe waiting for them to be discovered. This included the size of buildings and landmarks, such as the huge statue of the Indian god Ganesha, with its well-known elephant head, which was also in the trailer. During the tech demo that Ancel gives us, the French developer Knox lets climb a spaceship and fly with his jetpack to the Ganesha summit. In the distance I see several cities. 'You can then visit that all,' says Ancel. Then the camera zooms out and even the elephant statue above all and everybody gets a little dot to finally get into the atmosphere with various planets to be warped.

As high as the elephant statue is for the monkey Knox, so high are the ambitions of Ancel. 'Beyond Good \u0026 amp; Evil 2 is an open-world action RPG, starting at the bottom of the social ladder and slowly updating you. Your first vehicle may be a simple space taxi but eventually your captain will be your own spaceship, complete with crew. You create your own character and begin a unique adventure. Your skills, new parts and your weapons, crew and spacecraft will change with you as time progresses. '

The game that Ancel has in mind is a lot different from the original game of 2003. The action adventure of then, has now been transformed into a project with effects of No Effect, No Man's Sky, Elite and, of course, Beyond Good \u0026 amp; amp ; Evil itself. For example, taking pictures, an important part of the gameplay at the original game, will also be her entry. But there are many ambitious features: online co-op, mod support, space combat, racing, close combat, puzzle, open-world gameplay at different cities and different planets, planets and cities that change with time one An immersive story with a head and a tail. It is therefore very likely that the game has been removed for at least two years.

'We have been working on the technique of the game for three years. It's a proprietary engine, one that finally hits well with the ideas we have for the game. But the time for artwork lies behind us. We are building the game and it will be fantastic. Beyond Good \u0026 amp; Evil 2 is not just a trailer. The game is real, he exists! '

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