Thatcher inheritance worth millions

Thatcher inheritance worth millions

World December 16, 2015 13:56

london - The heirs of Margaret Thatcher have done last night more than excellent business. Virtually all more than 150 dresses, jewelry, written speeches and other belongings of Britain's only female prime minister who yesterday went under the hammer at Christie's beat about the head. Eventually yield a sloppy 4.5 million.

A fine example of the free market by Thatcher canonized, The Telegraph characterizes the auction of pieces that previously were rejected by a museum, and since then has led to a feud between the two children of the Baroness. Daughter Carol tries as her twin brother Mark to cash in on the reputation of their mother. According to family friends, the two can not meet without creating a huge argument.But big fight or not, some auction items brought more than tenfold on from where they stood in the catalog.The red case in which allprime ministers delivered daily to get their pieces was the undisputed masterpiece. Estimated value approximately 5000 pounds (7000 euros) but sold for almost fifty times (!)- 242 500 pounds (330 000). After a nerve-racking bid at which potential buyers together in the hall, over the phone and online, from as far afield as Bermuda, Malta and South Korea, six minutes the windward tried to stabbing. One by US President Reagan to the Iron Lady a present image of an eagle brought even 266 500 pounds (370 000) on, more than 33 times the estimated selling price.

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