Thai opposition denies part in attacks

Thai opposition denies part in attacks

World August 13, 2016 09:45

- The Thai party by the ruling junta to the side is put denies having had a hand in the bombings last week. That suspicion sounded since the attacks, which claimed four lives and injured include four Dutch tourists, getting louder, partly because a police thereon Friday hinted. The Puea Thai Party speaks,, of slander and libel. '

The police said Friday that they do not seek the perpetrators of an international terrorist group or the radical Islamic rebels fighting against the government in southern Thailand. She spoke of,, local saboteurs '' but did not explain who she meant. The motive of the perpetrators is clear according to the police, they would be out of chaos and unrest.

Increasingly pointing the accusing finger is why the so-called red shirts of the Puea Thai party, supporters of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who have been sidelined by the junta. The military government Sunday received the blessing of the Thai electorate for the new constitution which it had submitted to them. Police Chakthip Chaijinda explicitly explained Friday,, a connection between the attacks and the political developments '', citing Sunday's referendum.
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Because make explosives used and method reminiscent of previous bombings by the radical Islamic rebels fighting for autonomy in south Thailand, apply it as suspicious. These separatists operate usually in the far south of Thailand.

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