Thai Customs interceptes the charge of ivory

Thai Customs interceptes the charge of ivory

World September 24, 2017 12:30

bangkok - At a Thai capital, Bangkok airport, the customs have picked up three Vietnamese people with fifteen horns in their suitcases. Estimated market value of ivory amounts to around 360,000 euros, the newspaper Bangkok Post reports Sunday.

The officers trafficked the smuggle after a tip that smashed a crash of nuisance bugs with the plane from Angola, smuggled through Ethiopia and Thailand to Vietnam. At the Thai airport Suvarnabhumi, the customs were able to keep the three suspects.

Thailand is a spider in the international trade of protected animals or parts thereof and rare plants. The country that has signed the Convention on the Protection of Endangered Species (CITES) has recently been asked to tackle illegal trafficking in endangered species.

Two days ago, customs still underwent ivory from the Congo. This month, 136 rare scrub or pangolins were discovered that were smuggled from Myanmar via Thailand to China.

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